About Us

We are a black owned home essentials company based in Brooklyn, New York.  We aim to bring smell good products to your home by gracing and saging our products with the best natural ingredients.  Our candles, room sprays and bar soaps are all infused with essential oils for a luxurious aroma.  

Here at Grace & Saige Essentials, our goal is to create natural homemade products that you can afford.  Our products are all homemade, handmade and hand poured. Our candles are made with all natural 100% coconut and soy wax, resulting in an eco-friendly and non-toxic clean burn.  All of our products are made with all natural 100% essential oils, no additives!!!

Our mission is to provide a warm and delicate aroma that fills up any room in your home.  Join the party, light your candle, spray your room and wash your hands with Grace & Saige Essentials products.